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Washington CPD

Our next international CPD opportunity is planned for September 2020, destination Washington, USA. Washington was chosen as the US capital for its tactical location between the South and the North, Washington DC offers a whole host of CPD experiences for school leaders.

Home to the US Government, many of the nation’s monuments and museums, historic landmarks and memorials to great US presidents of the past, the city offers themes around leadership and education management and a great place to explore curriculum issues through visits to other schools in the capital.

This CPD experience is aimed at school leaders and will provide an amazing professional development activity departing in 2020. Expression of interest forms are now available with information on cost and the itinerary for this 5 day CPD event.


  1. Peter Berry

    Jan 08, 2020

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity, is this open to both primary and secondary schools and can individual teachers attend"

    1. Lena Glenn

      Jan 08, 2020

      This CPD event is open to any school within the Diversity Mark neywork. any teavher at SLT level can participate.

  2. Cerica Smith

    Jan 08, 2020

    Can you send me some more information. i have sent an email. 

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