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Think Global 2020 Launched

Think Global is a global education programme for schools, colleges and universities. The programme extends learning outside the classroom. The programme includes specialist subject tours and amazing learning experiences. Students are able to learn in the real world and understand global issues. The programme is offered to all Diversity Mark schools.

The 2020 programme has now launched and includes a number of extraordinary opportunities for students of all ages. The Alabama Space Camp programme returns in October 2020 for an exciting astronaut programme.

The Think Global Auschwitz tour returns focused on lessons from the Holocaust. The New York Project returns exploring the impact of 9/11. The programme also includes a popular trip to Disneyland in Paris offering students an exciting end of year programme exploring the magic of Disney.


  1. Peter Berry

    Sep 28, 2019

    For more information:

    1. Kasey Cadet

      Sep 27, 2019

      Facebook @Th1nkglobal

  2. Joel Brown

    Sep 27, 2019

    This is really good.

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