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INSET: Tackling unconscious bias

Our next INSET session on unconscious bias takes place in February 2020 at Harris Mayflower. This session explores how unconscious bias impacts the whole school from decisions on exclusion, promotion and how schools engage with parents and how parents engage with schools. These biases create unequal opportunities as well as promoting a disconnected school culture.Therefore, it is vital for schools to address unconscious bias in order to develop and maintain an inclusive school ethos. This INSET session can be booked by schools to develop practice around inclusion and to help tackle inequalities by helping schools understand and address biases.


  1. Peter Berry

    Dec 10, 2019

    Can other schools attend?

    1. Glen Robinson

      Dec 10, 2019

      Sorry this is only open to,the host school.

  2. Shaun Smith

    Dec 10, 2019

    Done this training and was very interesting.

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